• The Boxel pavilion uses 2,000 beer crates for construction

  • Boxel-pavilion-1.jpg
    The Boxel pavilion shows just how well recycling and design can go, hand in hand. Designed by students from the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany, the pavilion is made out of around 2,000 beer crates. Part of a course on how to develop structures from computer modeling to construction, this pavilion is the best place to hold a musical performance. Using computer modeling, the pavilion took shape, as the students figured out load bearing and positioning of the crates and after a few assembly tests, this one went up, reinforced with screws and slats. The base uses concrete filled boxes to keep up the structure. The boxes were distributed by a brewery and will be recycled once the pavilion meets the ground again.

    A pavilion like this, made out of old recycled crates, that will further be recycled once used, is indeed an architectural marvel. It’s no wonder people love striking a chord at the Boxel pavilion.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on August 17, 2010