• Tea house from recycled paper

  • Tea_house.jpg
    The kind of things people do when they have some spare time is astounding. Take this for instance, a tea house made out of recycled paper. It looks like a very comfortable and cozy structure. However, a few things that may have to be looked on are weather conditions – you don’t want to be caught in this when it begins to bring the cats and dogs shower, the consideration of making this a strictly no-smoking area, fire to paper is like girls to Archie. And of course, the weight problem. Paper is an extremely light substance which means that either it has to be reconstructed really strong or else, you will have to lose the excess baggage before going in. so the best way to use this tea house would be within a mall or a temperature controlled tent or something. So much for thinking out of the box! Maybe this will give another wise guy an idea to create something that will withstand these difficulties.


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on May 18, 2009