• Swedish oil-company OKQ8 builds environment-friendly gas station with solar panels and green roof

  • OKQ8 Sollentuqwqna.jpgNations like Sweden find it easier to switch to the greener side, with lesser populations, more free space and plentiful natural resources, as compared to countries like the United States. Now, Swedish oil company OKQ8 has decided to turn its home greener with a gas station in the Sollentuna (Stockholm) suburb of Häggvik that’s termed to be sustainable. Using wood glulam beams instead of steel, a laminated timber of sorts, the material is known to be highly cost-effective when it comes to manufacturing and transporting it around. Also, the gas station will have a green roof and will sport solar panels to soak in the sun while a rainwater collection system will preserve water to serve the car-wash port!

    Complete with LED lighting and titanium oxide coating being applied to help break down dust, dirt and exhaust fumes, this green gas station is a charm indeed.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on January 4, 2012