• Sustainable royal wedding celebration hall planned by Saudi Arabia

  • saudi-sustainable-royal-wedding-hall.jpg
    We all know just how spoilt Saudi Arabia is, with all its wealth pouring in from the wallets of nations across the world, hungry to get their hands on the ever-flowing barrels of oil in the Middle Eastern kingdom. Saudi however is now switching to the greener side and is busy looking for sustainable options too! For starters, the kingdom has invited architects from around the globe to come up with designs for a sustainable royal wedding celebration hall for Riyadh. And like just about everything in Saudi, these designs will need to be as grand as possible and equally green too.

    One of the many proposals was chipped in by Dubai-based Godwin Austen Johnson Architects whose design includes a desert-colored building including thick walls to keep the temperatures inside cool, natural lighting and could probably add a bunch of solar panels too!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on May 30, 2011