• Sunlounge Tanning salon in California uses solar energy to power up

  • sun_lounge_tanning_studio.jpgFor those of you who’d like that perfect tanned look, though sitting out in the sun waiting for your skin to turn golden isn’t one of those activities you’d indulge in, here’s the perfect way to tan yourself. Now, ironic as it might be, this tanning salon is powered up by solar energy, using juice from the sun to power up all the equipment inside that gives you a healthy, though artificial tan. The Sunlounge Tanning salon, located in California, also makes use of bamboo walls and eco-friendly non-toxin paint while using a “tank-less” water heater that saves up on natural gas.

    Also, the salon claims to use UV free spray systems and is probably one of the greenest artificial tanning salons around. And yes, if you really are looking for a greener tanning experience, you could always drag your beach chair out in the sunshine and recline while the sun does its job!
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    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on December 19, 2011