• Subway carriages recycled in to an eco-friendly creative studio

  • Recycled_Subway.jpg
    Instead of spending millions to erect a structure that can function as an arty hub, old outdated subway cars have been put to use for the same. Along with saving money (only 200 pounds for four subway cars), the project has also saved our environment by recycling cast off subway cars which were headed for the junkyard. Located on top of an old brick warehouse in Shoreditch, London, the Village Underground is the address for art lovers who sport a green thumb too. Without many changes, this collection of ex London Underground tube train carriages is fitted on the top of the warehouse. Only the seats in the carriages are removed for providing some space to the artists. While this section acts as a working space for the artists, the lower level ware house is utilized to host art events and exhibitions.


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on January 13, 2009