• Studio Shift’s World Sustainability Center, a green way to education

  • Studio Shift.jpgThe World Sustainability Center created by Studio Shift is a perfect blend of flexible environments, making it just ideal for both researchers, as well as students. The complex, to find a home in Afsluitdijk, Netherlands, will accommodate the general public too. Geometric in shape and design, the building has enough space for varied educational requirements. Owing to the fact that the designing involves the use of a number of architectural forms, this one can’t be referred to as just a single structure. The Center will boast a marina, outdoor amphitheatre and agricultural research garden, using energy-efficient shuttle buses and watercrafts for transport. The panels to be integrated into the façade can be used for multiple purposes, changing from solid panels (solar), perforated panels (glare and sun control) to void panels (view apertures). The roofs and other hard and soft surfaces will have rainwater collection systems too.

    The lake that comes hand in hand with this building’s design, will serve as a heat sink for the cooling system. Educating oneself in a green complex like this one is the best way to knowledge!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on August 18, 2010