• Stockholm to make its tallest skyscraper entirely of wood!

  • once-completed-it-will-be-both-dizzying-and-impressiveSweden have led the charge to a sustainable future where organic elements are given priority in the production value chain as well as utility. This is why the country is inspired to create its tallest skyscraper and use only wood for the build. The structure will be designed by Anders Berensson Architects and will extend to 40 floors. The entire building will be made out of cross-laminated timber (CLT), which is known for its durability and strength. It is the same wood used to construct all-wood apartments in Portland Oregon. The building will be 436-feet high and include everything from 850 sq. ft. apartments to shopping areas and even private terraces.

    Appropriately named as ‘tree top’ or in Swedish, “Trätoppen”, the skyscraper will ‘grow’ out from the middle of a car park. Speaking about the inspiration that has been drawn in the making of the structure and the inspiration that can be drawn when it is completed, the architect said, “If we want to reduce the amount of cars in the city center of Stockholm and at the same time make space for more housing without building on green areas, then replacing car parks with housing, shops and restaurants feels obvious.”



    [Via – Techinsider]

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