• Solar powered mobile hospital can be airlifted

  • GL4.jpgProper healthcare, particularly in developing nations and areas far out of reach, is more or less a luxury. Mostly, the people living in areas as these don’t really have a good enough access to healthcare facilities, which leads to spread of diseases and sickness amongst populations. Designer Kukil Han has come up with a great way to address this concern, designing a mobile hospital that can be easily airlifted and taken to desired locations. Particularly great for use in disaster hit areas, this mobile hospital can be taken to just about any place a helicopter is accessible to, be it a flood-hit area, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. completely sustainable, this one uses solar energy to charge up.

    And the best part is the fact that this mobile hospital causes no damage to the eco-system or the environment it is place in, and has a cleaned-up act policy, leaving behind no traces of pollution whatsoever when taken away.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on July 27, 2011