• Solar powered MercuryHouseOne: Where Green meets Luxury!

  • Solar_MercuryHouseOne.jpg
    We all keep talking about going green, conserving natural resources, always being environmentally conscious and all that. For most youngsters ‘all this’ isn’t cool enough for their image. They don’t want to be seen riding a cycle to college instead of their 21st birthday present-the ford mustang. So how would they contribute and declare that they care about the environment. Here’s how- The MercuryHouseOne, a portable lounge, that is decked all the way with all the latest sound and light equipments. Designed by Architecture and Vision, this mobile concept can be used as a pavilion outside office, home or anywhere for that matter. So in it for the cool environmentally conscious college goer?

    The top of the pavilion is outfitted with solar panels, making it totally self-sufficient and off-grid capable. Built out of Carrara marble (a local material in Italy) and backlit to showcase the form at night, the body is sleek and round, like a drop of mercury. This is the perfect eco-lounge that must hit every club, every office or anyother public place to promote environment sensitivity.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on January 22, 2010