• Solar powered Hanshin Koshien Stadium for a green baseball game

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    Japanese baseball goes green with The Hanshin Koshien Stadium in Nishinomiya, Hyogo going environment friendly next year. Solar battery panels are being installed on the roof above the stadiums infield stands. The stadium, home to the Hanshin Tigers baseball team will be installed with 1600 solar panels, about 140 centimeters in width and 80 centimeters in length that will generate a massive 193,000 kilowatt hours every year! This energy harvested will be used to power up the stadium. However, the stadium will not have a power storage system to store the energy generated in the day. These solar panels will help decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 133 tons a year and will fulfill 5.3 percent of the stadiums power needs.

    This isn’t the first time solar power has been to juice up stadiums.The World Games Stadium in Taiwan has 8,844 solar panels that generates 1.14 million gigawatt hours a year while the Italian Franco Sensi boasts of an LED screen around the stadium that is covered with a band of photovoltaic cells and a translucent layer that lets in light.
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