• Solar powered bamboo dollhouse for eco-friendly children and adults

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    Charity begins at home they say and also does education. So if you are a green couple and you have a little girl who likes to play with eco-friendly toys like say, a Solar-Powered Bamboo Dollhouse. It is made of sustainable bamboo that uses solar-powered LEDs to light up the interiors and amuse your child. It has an adjustable solar panel on the roof that collects energy to power the five LEDs. There are three in the media room wall (we don’t know what that is) and one each on two rooms on the first floor. The dollhouse is a mansion with nine rooms and a spiral staircase.

    The entire frame of the house, the walls and the furniture such as beds, sofas, chairs, tables, bookshelves, rugs, pillows, children’s toys are all made of bamboo which is treated with a light water-based stain. It is then polished with beeswax for a natural, satin finish. The dollhouse will also have three acrylic panels that form partitions. You can shift them around to customize the living space. The set comes with four AAA rechargeable batteries. If you are above three, you can play with this one. It costs $499.95.

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