• Solar powered 8,000 square feet home is truly green

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    Cutting down on our carbon footprints doesn’t really mean that one should live in smaller space. And Margie Hamrick, the builder and owner of an 8,000-square-foot “green home” in Vail justifies this statement. Christened as the Ranch at Cordillera, the house is built with green materials like recycled roofing tiles, reclaimed flooring and timbers and low-emission paints and stains. This colossal den was conceived with two goals in mind. Primarily to be as sustainable as possible, and at the same time be spacious enough to house the Hamricks’ big family and visiting relatives and friends. The occupants also strive on solar energy as a 7-kilowatt array of photovoltaic solar panels caters to 50 percent of the electrical consumption when fully occupied. And the same solar power provides 100% energy when the house is significantly empty.

    Furthermore, an AMX home control and automation system, a Lutron lighting control system manages the home’s energy-efficient LED (light emitting diode) lamps, motorized window shades, a water circulation system and even an innovative home theater setup. Also photocell sensors are positioned throughout the house to determine how much sunlight is entering and how much additional artificial illumination is needed.
    To keep a check on power consumption, the AMX system also acts as an energy monitor. It connects to the solar system’s inverters to read how much electricity the house is producing, and on its touchscreens can show much energy every device on its network is using.
    The owner rightly quotes, “Wealthier people can afford not only to build a home right, but to buy healthier and smarter and greener homes.” So if you’ve got the money to spend then its time you learn to do it the green way.

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