• Solar Digital Cloud Displaying Images and Data May Loom Large on London Skies!

  • solar digital cloud london1.jpg
    Artists, designers, engineers and architects have put together a technological artistic wonder which could be a major tourist attraction in the Olympic Park. The Cloud, a digital wonder will consist of huge plastic bubbles on top of 400 ft towers and will use solar energy to display images, data and much more. These plastic clouds will also be observation deck and park for visitors to stroll into to catch glimpse of London Skyline. Amazing isn’t it? Dream of floating in the clouds will actually come true.

    solar digital cloud london3.jpg
    The Cloud concept has been created by a team lead by architects from MIT and has been short listed in a competition to build a major tourist attraction in the Olympic park. Whether it wins or not, funds are already being raised to create this technological splendor. It is an awesome artistic structure and moreover it is totally zero-power and will tap only solar energy. It will also harness and harvest energy in interesting ways. If built, it will be a magnificent technological eco friendly wonder ever created on earth!
    Via Inhabitat