• Skyscrapers that generate energy with solar film

  • sustainable_skyscraper.jpg
    With the entire urban world turning into a concrete jungle, skyscrapers need to become more energy efficient to be sustainable. The “Re-configure sustainable skyscrapers” technology will enable skyscrapers to not only conserve solar energy but also generate energy of its own! This technique involves covering the skyscraper with dual skin. The
    outer skin of such a building will be made of Photovoltaic film “printed” on a glass surface. Such a system dual skin system is best suited for towering structures in arid climates as it makes way for passive cooling and reduces the negativity of the solar rays on the building.

    As an added attraction this covering skin enables harvesting of various organisms and the sun light falling between the two layers can be used to create various detailed designs which can be controlled programmatically by shifting the distance of the two layers.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on November 23, 2009