• Shipping containers needed in Haiti for emergency housing facilities

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    The monsoons are fast around the corner, which means that the hurricanes will be here soon. And the people of Haiti are yet living in tents, without proper homes to keep them away from the ever-looming drastic weather conditions. After the recent earthquake, 2 million people are still displaced, without homes, living in makeshift tents. Green Container International Aid is working hard to provide emergency housing facilities for these citizens, and needs your help!

    The company hopes to convince shipping firms around to donate a few empty shipping containers, that otherwise remain idle in shipping yards, and send them to Haiti. Metabolic macrostructure steel frames will be built into which these containers will be inserted. Shipping containers were used for similar purposes earlier in Bosnia in 2001. So spread the awareness and word around, and do your bit to help the people of Haiti from the extremes of weather.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on May 17, 2010