• Shenzhen International Energy Mansion wins award for its green design

  • shenzhen_international_energy_mansion.jpg
    BIG teamed up with Arup and Transsolar to design the Shenzhen International Energy Mansion and was awarded the first prize in an international competition. The main purpose of the competition was to find out a sustainable and efficient solution for the Shenzhen Energy Company Office Headquarters. It will be located at the heart of Shenzhen and the building will have to integrate with the surrounding environment and also the tropical climate of the city. The fa├žade will be like a folded skin that will shade the office complex from direct sunlight and integrates solar thermal panels which will reduce the overall electricity consumption of the building. Due to the flat angle of the glass, most of the direct sunlight between the interior panels will be reflected off from the building. This will reduce the energy consumption of the building by at least 60%.


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on September 11, 2009