• Sharp evaluates Eco House for efficiency

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    Sharp has gone a length further into turning housing an environment friendly affair with its adobe in Japan, the Eco House. Packing enough technology to give the Power Haus a slight nibble on its back, the Eco House aims to remain a completely carbon emission-free residence. Sharp has recently begun the evaluation process on its new nesting place complete with a bunch-load of energy saving appliances and AQUOS TVs, making sure the home survives in harmony with the environment, without the residents having to compromise on their creature comforts. Though the pricing of this one is sure to roll up the ladder, this model home could just be the basis for greener homes in future.

    With enough photovoltaics to juice it up, the Eco House also happens to boast a gadget-geek dream, a 180-inch television that Sharp is evaluating for efficiency.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 14, 2011