• Seattle Seahawks stadium hooks on to the largest solar arrays in the state

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    We’ve come across quite a few green stadiums before. Here’s yet another one to jump on to the eco-friendly and environment-conscious bandwagon. Now, the Seattle Seahawks have their very own green-as-ever stadium, using one of the largest solar arrays in the state of Washington. The stadium is hooked on to a 2.5 acre array that will, as anticipated, reduce energy bills by about 21%. Using cutting-edge tubular solar panels sourced from Solyndra, the array was put into place on the roof of the stadium’s Event Center. Also, the roof of the Event Center was coated in white paint that helps reflect light back up on sunny days and keep the building naturally cool too!

    Commendable ways of reducing electricity usage, the Seattle Seahawks sure know how to keep it green.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 21, 2011