• SeaScraper iceberg-like structures helps filter ocean water and collect waste

  • Our oceans today are being ridden with waste, particularly plastic and non-degradable materials taking to the sea. This in turn proves treacherous for the eco-system and marine life and destroys both gradually, having an adverse effect on the environment. Behold the SeaScraper, an architectural brainchild designed to keep our water bodies clean. Structured like icebergs, these are largely submerged beneath the surface of the sea and use three separate zones to collect waste including a dedicated waste collection unit, recycling and energy recovery facilities in the middle and housing/recreational estates above sea level! An innovative way to clean up our oceans that could pretty much prove to be extremely practical if built sustainably, these SeaScrapers could do the eco-system a huge favor if they’re ever turned into a reality.


    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on September 6, 2012