• Sapphire Gallery – An eco-friendly art gallery erected out of recycled materials

  • sapphire-gallery_1.jpg
    Art collectors in U.S. can add a dash of greenness to their creativity by showcasing their stuff at eco-friendly Sapphire Gallery. Designed by a team of XTEN Architecture, this structure camouflages green features with utmost elegance. Located at Los Angeles, it is an addition to an existing 1960’s modern house. Designed to be erected in a day’s time, the structure is shaped out of lightweight, factory built trusses. Perforated aluminum will help to protect the artwork from direct sun and at the same time reveal the greenery alfresco.

    Solar cells are arranged in a similar pattern on the south facade and sloping roof. Radiant heating and cooling systems are embedded in the floor and ceiling. Rainwater is collected from the roof runoff and recycled as gray water for the irrigation system. Aluminum cladding, cotton insulation, fly ash used in the concrete decking, permeable paving and steel with recycled content are some of the materials that lend a green persona to this art gallery.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on January 5, 2009