• SADAR + VUGA designs green tower for Dubai

  • magnolia_tower.jpg
    Nowadays, buildings are not just about looks and size. They also have to be environment-friendly. The designs for the Magnolia tower in the Burj, Dubai district, proposed by SADAR + VUGA and backed by Damac Properties have an amazing blend of both these aspects. This tower will set an example, by being a residential building which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also energy efficient. This state-of-the-art residential structure is very ingeniously planned. The tower is oriented in such a way so as to provide the apartments with a view of Burj Dubai tower. The undulating, blossom-like shape of the building, although breathtaking, is decided by this orientation of the apartments. Apart from this, the tower is wrapped in a membrane made of readymade panels which open towards the north (towards the Burj Dubai tower) and close towards the south. This is done to prevent overheating in the building.

    The apartments are in the tower are hexagonal in shape. This innovation optimizes space utilization along with providing living comfort. This building will truly be an example of the successful human efforts to reduce energy consumption.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 24, 2010