• Renewable energy-powered sustainable vertical neighborhood for New York City

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    The world is getting populated, faster than ever, and free space in urban areas is as rare as a blue moon these days. The City of New York has long since forgotten what open spaces look like and is finding it ever difficult to accommodate the ever-growing population these days. Architecture firm Solus4 has come up with a working solution for an energy-conscious 950ft residential tower, complete with 50 full-floor apartments, each about 3,000 sq ft, connected with a high-speed elevator. For energy generation, the building’s façade uses thin-film photo voltaic panels that soak in the sun’s rays to generate energy. Besides these, the building will also make use of mini wind-turbines that trap the winds for an added punch of renewable energy.

    A clever way to house an entire neighborhood, vertically and sustainably, the Sustainable Neighborhood Collaborative Initiative seems the right way to urban living these days!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 16, 2011