• Prefabricated 30-story hotel built in 360 hours

  • 1.jpgRome wasn’t built in a day. Well, a 30-story building wasn’t built in a day either, though a fortnight is indeed a short while for a construction this massive! With an area covering 170,000 square foot, the 30 story hotel took 360 hours to build and will revolutionize the way buildings are constructed in today’s era. The building was prefabricated, completely wired and drywalled, with a finished plumbing and tile work. The building was pieced together from parts prefabricated in a factory and this certainly is an eco-friendly way to building construction that saves time, manpower, energy and funds! Somewhat like those building sets you’d spend your childhood constructing architectural dreams with, these prefabricated building methods could soon change the way cities sprout.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on January 9, 2012