• Power Haus is one of the most energy-efficient and green homes in the United States

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    We had a look at Josh Wynne’s astoundingly green Power Haus home in Sarasota a while ago. Green enough for an LEED platinum certification, this home scored about a 118 LEED points, making it one of the greenest homes in the United States. With a Home Energy Rating System dropping below 0, at -22, this home produces a lot more energy than it actually uses. For this, the home essentially required a home control system as cutting-edge as one from Elan Home Systems and a 14.2kW UniSolar Flex-Lite solar array, covering a major part of the home’s roof.

    An example of perfectly green architecture, the owners of this home can generate a few extra dollars by simply selling excess energy produced to the grid! It could take a while till just about every home on earth turns this green. A true dream home to live in!

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