• Pasadena Department of Water and Power Building to receive Merit Award for green features

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    The Department of Water and Power Building in Pasadena, LA, is in for a Merit Award and has been selected by the Pasadena Foothill chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Here’s why. This project costs a good $10m and is all about sensitivity to historical, ecological and human contexts according to David L. Goodale, Design Principal at Gonzales Goodale Architects. The building, two storey high, blends into the surroundings, complete with two green demonstration areas on its roof that work as an example to future projects. Surrounded and crowned by oak trees that keep the air cool and pleasant around, this building also has waste-water recycling systems and water-thrifty evaporating cooling systems that have a rain-like effect on the façade to cool the temperatures. The building also boasts bicycle parking, promoting bicycle use, and preferred parking for carpools and hybrid cars.

    Its no wonder this building will soon receive the Merit Award is so deserves for all its green features.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 8, 2011