• Orproject’s Bubbles project could help Beijing citizens breathe better air

  • bubbles-beijing-1
    Beijing has been chocking off late given the fact that the quality of air in the city has been dropping to new lows. The record-breaking air pollution in this Chinese city has grabbed the attention of environmentalists and designers from across the globe, who’ve been pouring in solutions to the problem. Architects at London-based Orproject came up with the Bubbles project to help Beijing’s population breathe easy. The project involves the use of giant Bubbles filled with fresh air that cover open spaces like parks and botanical gardens.

    The creators of this concept hope that these pollution-free zones will give the people of Beijing some respite from the ever-polluted city air. To power up these canopy Bubbles, solar energy generators will be used, enabling the city take a brisk step towards the greener side.




    [Via – Inhabitat]

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