• Old Convention Centre in Washington D.C. makes way for several green buildings

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    Work on Foster + Partner’s redevelopment of the old Convention Centre in Washington D.C. finally kicked off recently and will be one of America’s largest urban redevelopment projects. In place of the old Convention Centre, smaller buildings will be sprouted up, a shift from the usual build-it-huge attitude towards architecture in urban areas. Four new buildings along with a handful of others including hotels, offices, apartments, restaurants and retail spaces will be built on this part of the city. Also, those good old alleyways hailing back from the 18th Century will be given new life and widened out too. And the best part, this whole design is meant to be eco-friendly, with low carbon emissions. The design also includes the use of green roofs that will absorb water.

    Water conservation will also be part of the design’s green strategies, recycling 100% of the waste water for reuse. To open out the area to nature, a public park will also be built, besides several fountains, all watered by the recycled waste water. Washington D.C. is sure to enjoy this dash of green!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on April 12, 2011