• Old Boeing 747 chopped into bits and turned into swank house

  • Boeing-747-Wing-House-1.jpg
    We’ve seen airplanes being overhauled and recycled into a bunch of architectural marvels before. Picking up on the lines of these wonders of recycling, designers David Hertz Architects have come up with an astoundingly beautiful home, made from the wings and a few other parts of an old deceased Boeing 747. Located on a scenic hilltop location in Malibu, this home uses the wings of the 747 for its roof and the stabilizers and a few other parts to enclose areas to create rooms. The fuselage of the plane was turned into a 50-foot art studio while the guest rooms lie in the first class cabin deck. The plane was initially chopped into the required bits far out in a barren space before being airlifted and moved to the final resting site.

    Compromising of a whopping 4.5 million plane parts, construction on this project began last year and its completion marks a landmark in the history of recycling.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 17, 2011