• Nordholmene – A sustainable development on the cost of Copenhagen

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    Sustainability has been the most used word for the last few decades now. To make a sustainable environment involves nourishment of the nature apart from the basic supply of necessities and support. And so Danish architects Cobe, in collaboration with Sleth modernism, Polyform and Rambøll are in the process of the facilitating the largest urban Scandinavian transformation on Copenhagen’s northern harbor, called as the Nordholmene. This project is said to be fully complete by the next 40 to 50 years and will be equipped to house and employ up to 40,000 people.

    The islands will be all interconnected and will spot an array of livable and commercial value. Several new artificial canals will be dug out for the industrial landscape. Heavy emphasis on fuel-free and public transportation will be levied. The 200 ha sized project will lay more stress on holistic living and all dock sides will provide ample greenery and beautiful landscapes.
    This project will use a combination of alternative energy resources for generating heat, ethanol and electricity which include, use of geothermics and heat pumps for storing energy produced by local wind turbines and ‘sea lettuce’ which is a fast-growing algae which can absorbing CO2 emission from power plants. The plan was recently presented as a lighthouse project at the COP15 climate conference at Copenhagen in December 2009 and has been awarded with top honors at an International competition in 2008 as well.

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