• No more rainy breaks for Wimbledon with new Retractable Roof

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    A new retractable roof made from Tenara, a light weight strong and flexible waterproof architectural fabric has been installed over England’s Centre Court Celebrations. The air management systems are currently being tested in preparation for its official debut in May. This new roof will is made out of translucent fully recyclable fabric, minimizing building materials while allowing daylight to stream down from above. The design will conclude the All England Club’s Long Term Plan, providing greater security for the grass courts, decreased play delays and more comfortable viewing for fans. Even though the roof will halt the rain from pouring in, moisture from the lawn and people as well as humidity must be controlled in order to provide optimum playing and viewing conditions.

    The air management system will mostly control humidity and prevent condensation on the grass and underside of the roof, not to mention keep everyone looking dapper. The system will also ensure that enough oxygen is pumped into the stadium. Andre Agassi, Stefanie Graf, Tim Henman and Kim Clijsters will be some of the first players to play after the roof is installed.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Recycle, Tags: , on April 30, 2009