• New York’s new eco-friendly mall is a part of Destiny USA project

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    New York’s Destiny USA project has been in news since a while. However, recently, Trey Granger has summed up the greenness of the new mall which is an expansion of the existing Carousel Center mall on Earth911. Located in Syracuse, this mall has it all to get a green LEED certification. It is officially stated that 91 percent of construction debris has been diverted from landfills. Also the steel beams are 95 percent recycled steel, and the drywall is 96 percent recycled content. The green list continues further. The whole plan was chalked out without papers which resulted in 110,000 electronic documents and contractors viewing documents on smart phones, handheld tablet and laptop computers that replaced blue prints. Water conservation has been given prime importance as 60 roof drains will collect 116,000 gallons of water for flushing the toilets. Also special parking space for 60 fuel efficient vehicles is reserved. Over 19,000,000 kWhs of electricity is now coming from renewable sources. The roof too is capped with a 3.2 Megawatt solar array that will adorn the expansion.

    The project will be powered by a free-standing on-site renewable energy plant powered by municipal solid waste generated by the facility and providing over 16 Megawatts of power. Destiny USA has committed to diverting 95% of its construction waste from the landfill and performing at this level.

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