• Netherlands plays home to two super-green housing developments

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    The Dutch these days seem to be sprinting towards greener sources of energy, leaving the old polluting ways behind. Now, two home development projects in Netherlands are being tested for energy efficiency, and boast just about every automated-home energy system you would come across. The homes located in Breda are part of a two-year pilot project developed in partnership with Netherlands grid operator Enexis, power company Greenchoice, and housing developer Heja. 300 homes using cutting-edge energy-saving technologies have been built for the Jouw Energie Moment (Your Energy Moment).

    The Meulenspie project on the other hand consists of 57 energy-neutral homes and the Easy Street development has 246 apartments, all energy efficient and carbon neutral.Complete with solar panels, smart appliances, smart metering, and an interactive computer monitoring system, these homes will give the Netherlands a greener way to live.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on April 15, 2011