• Neste Oil opens world’s largest renewable diesel manufacturing plant in Singapore

  • Neste-Oil-world’s-largest-renewable-diesel-manufacturing-plant.jpg
    Singapore can now swell up its chest in pride, as the world’s largest renewable diesel plant by Neste Oil finally begins chugging. To help increase production of NExBTL renewable diesel fuel, the facility was set up costing around $550 million. And when we say it’s large, the amount of fuel pumping out of this one is astoundingly high too. The plant has a capacity of producing 800,000 tons of synthetic diesels on a yearly basis. The NExBTL fuel is highly compatible with all diesel engines around and works great in cold climates too. Also, this renewable diesel can be blended into the usual traditional diesel fuel too. Using Neste’s renewable diesel helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a whole 40-80%.

    The NExBTL fuel basically produces lower emissions and decreases the carbon footprint left behind by vehicles using it. Maybe it’s not all that green, but at least it’s a lot better than the ever-polluting fossil diesel.

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