• Luxury home chiseled out of recycled shipping containers by designer Debbie Glassberg

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    Containers being turned into full-fledged homes aren’t so much of a magic trick any more. A short while ago, we came across containers being used as homes in disaster hit areas. This container-home isn’t just an emergency roof though. It overflows with luxury and is a pretty cosy place to live in! Built by industrial designer Debbie Glassberg, the 2,600 square feet home was chiselled out of five shipping containers and is packed with energy efficient appliances and devices. That’s not all. This residence of the designer also boasts a roof-top garden, passive solar systems and geothermal energy generation systems. The Home Contained project that’s part of Glassberg’s work could soon be an industry-approved way to real-estate development!

    First off, these homes are cheaper to construct. Also, using recycled containers gives those scrap pieces of metal a new lease to life, keeping them away from dump-yards.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on April 5, 2011