• London 2012 Olympic Games Pavilion made from recycled Nike shoes

  • GL2.jpgThe London 2012 Olympic Games is putting in every bit to remain green, and its newest exploit of environment-friendliness is the Pavillion designs pouring in for the event. What caught our eye the most however, was the 3rd place entry, basically a folded athletic track, meant for the Trafalgar Square. Complete with a display screen to throw up information in regards to Olympic events and such, this pavilion is unique and green, given the fact that it’s made from Nike “Grind” recycled running shoes. That’s not all. This one was also designed keeping sustainability in mind.

    The pavilion uses daylight to the maximum and also helps aide in cross-ventilation. One thing’s for sure. We’d love to see this one being put up at the Trafalgar Square soon!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Recycle, Tags: on July 27, 2011