• LilyPad a heaven for green lovers

  • floating_ecopolis_1.jpg
    Vincent Callebaut thinks this to be the solution future of civilization who according to the GIEC (Intergovernmental group on the evolution of the climate), say that the ocean level should rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century with a status quo by 50 cm (versus 10 cm in the 20th Century). The whole structure is covered in green walls and roofs, the top portion covered in grasses with the inner portion featuring a palm oasis, and the under portion serving as a bed for natural sea planktons and oceanic plants. Finally if you were already planning to reserve a place to this luxurious future retreat stay calm.

    According to him climate change could have caused so much devastation that the world will be desperately seeking shelter from the devastations of climate change, and hopes the auto-sufficient amphibious city will serve as a luxurious solution. Of course note everyone is welcome since this pad is just for 50,000 people who are gifted with wealth.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on June 16, 2008