• Lamborghini unveils solar-powered building with Class A energy rating in Italy

  • Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini, known for chiseling out cars that simply take your
    breath away, has now unveiled its latest facility built primarily for the development of prototype
    and pre-series vehicles. The first multi-storey industrial building in Italy to grab a Class A energy
    rating, this facility uses a façade made of triple-layer polycarbonate and of ventilated walls
    covered with ultrathin ceramic cladding painted in Lamborghini’s favorite black to provide
    insulation. Using a photovoltaic system to generate electricity, Lamborghini plans to have its
    building go carbon neutral!

    Also, the facility will feature a mini assembly line on its second floor that will be used to study
    and develop prototypes and will help boost Lamborghini’s current technology and design
    principles incessantly!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on July 6, 2012