• Josh Wynne’s ‘Power Haus’ home, green enough for LEED Platinum certification!

  • Power-Haus.jpg
    Homes have never been greener than the ones built by Sarasota home builder Josh Wynne recently. These homes carry an epitome of eco-friendliness and green, making them one of the greenest living spaces around. Wynne recently added the finishing touches to one of his greenest home designs yet, the house in the Polo Club at Lakewood Ranch called the Power Haus. This residence covering an area of 2,520-square-feet is good enough for an LEED-Platinum certification and boasts every green fixture from water-conserving plumbing, energy-producing PV panels, to recycled-content building materials. The photovoltaic system is capable enough to generate 14.2-kilowatts of energy, helping the owners save up $3,163 on electric bills annually!

    A true green home to live in, this design by Josh Wynne has left us making changes to what our dream home should really be like! No more homes and castles in the sky. We’re dreaming of Platinum-certified residences now!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on May 16, 2011