• Italian bridge to have wind turbines and solar panels hooked to underbelly

  • solar-wind-bridge.jpg
    How do you cleverly change an old bridge falling to pieces into something more worthwhile than a path waiting to crumble? Well designers Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino came up with a novel way to do so with the Solar Wind project. This projecyt basically adds a load of wind turbines below the usually
    wasted space of the bridge.25 stylish wind turbines with a touch of mordenizism could find a home below the bridge, generating energy as the wind passes through the viaduct. That’s not all. The bridge is also destined to sport solar panels that in turn will soak energy from the sun and help generate an added shot of energy. 36 million kilowatt hours of electricity will be generated anually with this with an additional 11.2 million from the solar panels.

    Maybe the Golden Gate bridge and a few more paths across water bodies could do with wind turbines hooked on to their underbellies!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on February 3, 2011