• Hydrogen powered, zero-energy homes for green living

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    Hydrogen powered homes are being considered these days as an alternative to improve the earth. Developer of the Ridge at Chukker Creek in Aiken, SC is planning to build several zero-energy homes that can be powered by hydrogen. The 2,200-square-foot Low Country-style home will be powered by roof-integrated solar panels and hydrogen. About a 10-kilowatt solar photovoltaic (PV) system on the south-facing roof will provide all of the home’s electrical needs during the day, when the solar panels can harvest the energy from the sun. At night, the solar array will power an electrolyzer that separates hydrogen from the oxygen in water, and the hydrogen in turn will power the house.

    Developer Ron Monahan says a 2-kilogram per day electrolyzer may provide the electricity needs for a home of 2,200 square feet for nights and during cloudy days—and that 10-kg/day system could also harness heat to get domestic hot water and perhaps fill a hydrogen-powered vehicle. A standard green homes, which have spray foam insulation, CFL lighting, heat recovery ventilators and tankless hot water heaters, will cost about $130 to $140 per square foot, but that a zero-energy home could add $40,000 to $50,000 to the price tag.

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