• Philippe and Thao Jeanty’s dream home is self designed with Google

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    You know just how successful a company is, when its name changes from a noun to a verb. Such was the case with search engine biggie, Google. Fairview based couple Philippe and Thao Jeanty have completely designed and constructed an eco-friendly home with the help of Google! Using the Google Sketchup software, the couple drew plans for their home in the 3D modelling program. The couple now call a 2,700-square-foot eco-friendly structure home. Fitted with a 5-kilowatt solar array that also power’s up an adjacent 700-square foot apartment built for Philippe’s mother, the home switches back to grid energy during the dark hours. The home also boasts geothermal energy-powered cooking and heating systems, LED lighting, spring-fed water supply and has a lesser impact on the environment than contemporary homes.

    Also, to increase the green quotient, the couple sprouted up a garden, fed by a drip irrigation system that conserves water! A true green home, designed by themselves for themselves, we applaud the Jeantys on their efforts to live green.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on April 11, 2011