• High tech green energy buildings sprout up in city skylines

  • F.jpgIn today’s cities, we have buildings sprouting up everywhere, with people choosing to live in them and work in them. And it obviously is necessary that if not all than at least the majority of these should have some green qualities to flaunt. Well, there are a few buildings in the world that have a lot more green in them, than the others standing around. These buildings find innovative solutions to keep the inhabitants inside with a pleasant weather and keep the sun out when unneeded, without causing too much of a carbon footprint. Companies too have been innovating designs for solar panels on buildings and wind turbines beings developed by AeroVironment. United Technologies is developing cleverer ways to heat up and cool buildings, reusing heat wasted in the process.

    Sensor systems today are being used o track occupancy, carbon dioxide levels and lighting levels and adjust the environment accordingly in buildings. After all, these high tech green structures are the future of architecture.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on July 16, 2010