• Greentainer Project – Recycled container fitted with solar roof goes mobile

  • greentainer-project_1.jpg
    Talk about being versatile in a green style and it’s the Greentainer Project that takes a bow. Based in Gandino, Italy, this green architectural project stands out for its form as well as function. To address the eco-sensitive issues, a 40-foot container was transformed it into a structure that’s mobile, flexible, and self-sufficient. Akin to the other cases where containers have been reused by transforming them into temporary residences or construction site offices or permanent structures, Greentainer’s USP lies in the fact that it is 100% transportable. Ideal for multiple uses and destinations, from a small company canteen to a trade show lounge bar, and even as a mobile exhibition center or a meeting room; it can be positioned in any alfresco location. Fitted with a solar roof adds on to its green persona. A photovoltaic system supplies all the energy necessary to run the heating-cooling system, the lights and other devices.

    This glass-walled structure renders the sensation of still being outside, in complete symbiosis with the surrounding environment. Since it’s environmental impact is extremely low, Greentainer can be installed at sites with stringent architectonic constraints.

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