• Planet Traveler hostel touted to be the Greenest hostel ever in Toronto, Canada

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    We’ve seen some pretty green hotels to live in before, like the Marriott International sites at Atlanta. To add to the list of green places to layback and rest your spine is the shining new Planet Traveler hostel. Located in Toronto, Canada, this one will fling its doors open to guests by next month. Tom Rand, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, and author, claims that this really is the greenest hotel in Northern America! For him, the hotel surpasses the Platinum LEED certification too! Using on-sight solar thermal and solar panels, high-efficiency lighting and drain-water heat recapture, this one keeps its act clean.

    The hotel will be housed in a 19th Century building, currently being retrofitted. And no compromises on luxury and comfort for the sake of environment-friendliness have been made. With 114 beds, this hostel will sure show the hotel industry just how its done the green way!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on October 26, 2010