• Green home of the future powered by the wind and the sun, the Future Living house

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    Homes in the future are sure to be a lot different from the blocks of concrete and wood we live in today. These pieces of architecture will be green, sustainable and self-sufficient, generating enough energy to satisfy needs of the people residing. Take this home for example, the Future Living house by a team of designers who’ve worked pretty hard on chiseling out the design for this green home. Twenty-six designers put their knowledge and skills together for this one. Technological developments today were carefully analyzed to make sure everything this home boasts will come true in the future, 2050 that is. Using wind energy and solar energy to power up with some awesome future-tech, the house also recycles everything it can and flaunts a living bio wall too!

    A green future is all that we can dream of right now!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on September 28, 2010