• Green Californian home makes use of the sunshine to power up

  • c.jpgThe best way to turn the world into a greener place to live in is by turning our own abodes green. Take this eco-friendly home nestled in Chicago for instance. Chicago is known to have its temperatures drop and rise, and heating and cooling systems tend to extend the bills of residents by quite a few inches. To solve this, local architecture and urban-design firm Farr Associates built a 2,600-square-foot house that’s nearly capable of completely powering itself! The house is currently being worked upon, with designers trying their level best to have it go net-zero. Complete with water recycling, forty-eight solar panels, geothermal walls, radiant heat systems and ultra efficient windows, this home is as green as it gets!

    A great way to live green in the Californian sunshine, this home is a green crib like never before.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on August 24, 2011