• Green building: The Calls Henge

  • leed01.jpg
    The ‘calls henge’, a six storey building designed by an Italian firm ‘studiodosi’, is a very unique architectural innovation. This building is suspended over a 360sq.m. public space thus leaving the ground area free for pedestrian movement and other activities. Apart from being visually unique, this building also has various technical advancements. It has roof top solar panels which effectively use the abundantly available solar energy to generate electricity. It also has geothermal pumps which contribute in reducing energy consumption. However, the most fascinating aspect of this building is that it is coated by a see-through green ivy-like substance which regulates sunlight as well as provides visual character to the structure.

    The architectural brilliance shown in designing this building is truly what the world requires to conserve energy.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on March 2, 2010