• Green building facades sprouting out of composting bins

  • Re-cell_ecological_wall.jpg
    Attaching a recycling bin or a composting bin to the façade of a building in order to beautify it, hasn’t really been considered before. Designer Stanislaw Mlynski however thought otherwise and designed these composting bins that, when attached to a building façade, flourish into green life forms! These bins are designed in cell like patterns that need to be filled up with all the waste that’ll go for composting. Once done, these cells need to be attached to a building façade and left there, where they flourish into green life forms, reducing Co2, collecting rainwater and adding a beautiful touch of green to a building. The design called the Re-Cell is indeed a great way of composting waste, while adding on to the aesthetics of structures.

    These ecological walls might just be the newest fad in the architectural industry in the future.

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: , on April 1, 2011