• Gesture-controlled Compact, Hyper-Insulated Prototype Solar House (CHIP) uses Xbox Kinect

  • b.jpgBuilding an environment-friendly home is simple. Living in it takes more than the regular effort, given the fact that you need to keep a wary eye on the direction your solar panels face, in case you haven’t invested on automated options. Also, one needs to constantly keep switching off appliances to prevent unnecessary electricity sucking! Now, making living green easier, SCI-Arc and Caltech have come up with a net-zero solar-home that you control by waving your hands! Called the Compact, Hyper-Insulated Prototype Solar House (CHIP), this abode uses an Xbox Kinect for a master command center, enabling you to control your lighting, your shades and a lot more with simple gestures!

    Sporting 45 Hanwha solar panels and a 3D camera that tracks you and switches off the lights as you move, this green home is exceptional to say the least!

    Posted in Topics:Architecture, Tags: on January 24, 2012